Quality Policy

Arium Sistemas de Diagnóstico, Lda. operates in the area of in vitro diagnosis and life sciences. We operate in a demanding sector that is constantly changing and to which we respond with product innovation, partners of excellence and different solutions. We are unique and different, which makes us work with confidence, speed and quality. We have committed employees, qualified international partnerships, and local reference partners.

Understanding “Quality” as effectiveness, technical support, and competence, ARIUM has defined as a priority for quality management, enhancing the efficiency of its resources and increasing the effectiveness of the services provided.

In a world where competition has been increasing and technical standardisation has become a fact, it is also clear that the differentiation of quality from any form of product has become increasingly tenuous and complex.

Faced with this reality, ARIUM understands that only with the added value brought by a quality policy, rigorous and appropriate, it can consolidate the market position it already holds and continue to grow according to the goals pre-established by the Commercial Directorate while maintaining, what is already a constant, customer loyalty.

Thus, in this regard, the ARIUM Quality Policy defined by management is based on structuring lines resulting from the following principles:

  • Provide and maintain motivating working conditions in all employees in order to be strongly involved in the Defined Quality Policy and strictly comply with the requirements of the Manual of Good Practices for Distribution of Medical Devices, requirements of the standard, legislation and regulations applicable to the organization;
  • Promote and maintain, through the primacy of Quality, a respected business image as “Market Reference” that functions as a preferred framework for the client and as a stimulator of the professional self-esteem of employees;
  • Establish agreements of close collaboration with suppliers and/or customers, through the provision of necessary technical assistance and mutual exchange of experience;
  • Deepen the culture of increasing teamwork practice with the respective definition of responsibilities;
  • Develop plans for technical and cultural valorization of employees;
  • Create own internal communication channels so that information arrives and is understood at the appropriate ARIUM levels;
  • Establish verification plans and continuous improvement of the degree of customer satisfaction;
  • Continuously promote the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.